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Second Year of Rebellion

We always knew it would be tough to top last year.

In 2017, we started with a few stickers and a strong message and ended with people getting tattoos of our art, our favourite brewery showing our work and a member of the GLC wearing one of our uniforms whilst performing.

Where to go next?

Easy. Stay true to our message and community. Go beyond rebellion -  inspire individuals and communities to do amazing things, big and small. And that’s how 2018 unfolded. We made some awesome new like minded friends along the way and had a blast. Here’s just a few our favourite RISE moments from the last year…

(January we were exhausted… so lets skip to February)




The RISE wedding



Newport’s Champion



Record making


May and June

Illuminating countdown on Newport landmarks



Rebel Party and lager launch

Screenshot 2019-01-11 at 13.40.14.png


Portlife jar ppearance






Overpriced Toast

Screenshot 2019-01-11 at 13.52.19.png


Newport Rising



Nirport revisited

Thank you for believing what we believe in. We hope you have had as much fun bending the rules this year as we have.

Together we have raised over £1500 over the last 2 years this year for charities and we will continue to do so with 5% of all our profits going to good causes.

This is a testament, not to RISE Propaganda, but to YOU, the amazing community that supports it every day.

We’ll be back sometime in 2019. In the mean time, keep making a difference and spreading the love,

Yours as always


The Legend of Nirport

That time Kurt proposed to Courtney in Newport…

RISE Propaganda first captured the attention of the public with the Nirport event on the 10th December 2016. 5 days of art pieces to celebrate the myth of Kurt Cobain visiting Newport to propose to Courtney Love at our beloved TJ’s music venue 25 years earlier.

In those 5 days:

Prints were pinned to the front of TJ’s…

2016-12-12 08.21.14.jpg

locks placed on the Millennium bridge in the city…

2017-03-02 23.26.15.jpeg

Adverts placed in the local paper…

2017-03-02 23.26.54.jpeg

road signs modified…

Screenshot 2018-12-03 at 10.54.13.png

and money raised for the homeless from sales of the print.

Skip to the present day, and we are releasing the remainder of the limited edition prints along with a new uniform:

Both print and uniform are available for pre-order now (released on the 10th December) on the store and as always, with any RISE Propaganda supplies, 5% of the total supplies of our profits go to charity. This winter, we are giving to the homeless charity Shelter Cymru.



Incredible value!

Giving our community a good deal.

*i.e. until the end of time.

*i.e. until the end of time.

We believe our community should RISE with us. That’s why, from the start, RISE Propaganda has pledged to give 5% of the total value of its profits to local charities. We have currently given more than that, with over £1500 to good causes. Here’s a list of donations so far:

£300 raised - Shelter Cymru and All Creatures Great and Small - December 2016 (Nirport event) - Secret Garden Cafe (Partners)

£50 raised- Togs Centre New Inn - February 2017 - Dragon Flli (Partners)

£85 raised - Bridge for Social Inclusion/GOL Cymru - June 2017 - Coleg Gwent (Partners)

£50 raised - Riot City Ravens - June 2017 - Riot City Ravens (Partners)

£222 raised - Newport Food Bank - October/December 2017 - Tiny Rebel and Newport Market (Partners)

£800 raised - Newport’s Rocky statue and legacy fund - June 2018 - Newport’s Rocky (Partners)

Current total : £1507

This winter the RISE community have decided to donate to Shelter Cymru. This means that when you buy from the RISE website/workshop this Christmas, not only will you be supporting your local movement but also helping the homeless in our streets at this difficult time of year.

Thank you for making a difference. Together we RISE.

Music Review: Like a Fever - Jack Perrett

RISE Music editor, Gavin Facey, gives his opinion on the latest release from the Newport indie rocker.


Jack Perrett is back with a new single that picks you up, chucks you about and in a little over two and a half minutes leaves you feeling more than a bit dazed…and wanting to hit repeat.

First showcased live in April, the frenetic Like a Fever is Jack’s first release since popular Blur parody Portlife and is a shift in direction that pays off, as he delivers his most exciting and catchy release yet.

Unlike much of his Britpop influenced material, Like a Fever is pure garage rock revival (think less 1994 and more 2004), as he couples blistering riffs with driving power chords. Meanwhile, on drums, Morgan is more thunderous and influential than he has ever sounded on a Jack Perrett tune.

Already played on BBC Radio Wales by Janice Long and Adam Walton amongst others, Like a Fever is perfectly suited for both radio and a baying audience and has quickly become a favourite at Jack’s live shows. Don’t be surprised to hear it being blasted at 1am on your local Red Stripe drenched indie club dance floor.

Like a Fever is officially released on 7th December via CD and digital download and will be accompanied by a video, directed by Focus Shift Films. In the meantime, you can already listen to the track on Spotify or Soundcloud.


See below for more on Jack:




The Art of Rebellion

Learn the dark art of street art for free at our workshop (limited spaces)


My fellow Newportonians! I'm pleased to announce that RISE Propaganda is the official artist in residence for the Newport Rising Festival.

Amazingly, we have managed to blag a workshop space, a small budget and a derelict building. Jackpot! Not ones to look a gift horse in the mouth, we intend to use these three things to good effect.

We are inviting you to join us in creating art that embodies the spirit of the festival and Chartists by 'inspiring change through working together'.

On the 13th October 10:00 - 12:30 (SOLDOUT) and 13:30 - 16:00, we are holding a workshop in The Gallery Space, where you are able to learn the dark arts of stencil and banner making. All materials are provided and it's completely free of charge. You must be 14 years or over to take part.

You will use the stencils you make on the day to spray your design on our derelict building as part of a big festival art piece. (held at a secret location on the 27th October).

Banners made on the day can be used in the epic Chartist Festival march reenactment (Held on 3rd November, details on www.newportrising.co.uk).

Only 20 spaces are available given on a fist come first served basis. To secure your place head to the RISE Propaganda Store https://www.risepropaganda.com/new-products/ add the Art of Rebellion Workshop to your basket and checkout (No purchase is necessary!)