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The Art of Rebellion

Learn the dark art of street art for free at our workshop (limited spaces)


My fellow Newportonians! I'm pleased to announce that RISE Propaganda is the official artist in residence for the Newport Rising Festival.

Amazingly, we have managed to blag a workshop space, a small budget and a derelict building. Jackpot! Not ones to look a gift horse in the mouth, we intend to use these three things to good effect.

We are inviting you to join us in creating art that embodies the spirit of the festival and Chartists by 'inspiring change through working together'.

On the 13th October 10:00 - 12:30 (SOLDOUT) and 13:30 - 16:00, we are holding a workshop in The Gallery Space, where you are able to learn the dark arts of stencil and banner making. All materials are provided and it's completely free of charge. You must be 14 years or over to take part.

You will use the stencils you make on the day to spray your design on our derelict building as part of a big festival art piece. (held at a secret location on the 27th October).

Banners made on the day can be used in the epic Chartist Festival march reenactment (Held on 3rd November, details on www.newportrising.co.uk).

Only 20 spaces are available given on a fist come first served basis. To secure your place head to the RISE Propaganda Store https://www.risepropaganda.com/new-products/ add the Art of Rebellion Workshop to your basket and checkout (No purchase is necessary!)

The £16.20 piece of toast at Newport Food Festival

The toast is not special - it’s what we put on it…


Last year RISE Propaganda set up the worst stall in Newport Food Festival history. Installed in Tiny Rebel Newport for the day, it sold art and jars of Newport Air raising £201 for Newport Foodbank.

However, the big surprise was not the fact that people were willing to part with their hard earned cash for a jar of the very air around them, but a certain jar of Marmite.

Selling at a mere £5 on the stall, the popular 150 unit limited edition 250g jar of Newport Marmite- ‘Our Might’ sold out on the day.

Fast forward 6 months, one of the aforementioned Our Might jars managed to find its way onto Ebay. What happened next was crazy.

After a slow start, bidding for the rare, sold out jar soared. £20, £40, £80, £120 before finally settling on the eye watering total of £162.00 (plus £3.95 P+P).

That’s x32.4 the initial price! If you had put your money on bitcoin during that period you would have only doubled it.

To help put this in perspective, we have shamelessly stolen and altered an infographic from our friends at Tiny Rebel:

ANALYSIS: The price of Our Might per pint is nowhere near a pint of Chanel No.5. When sprayed on the body, it is also nowhere near as effective in attracting a mate when on the pull in La Bambas on Saturday night. However, some people believe it is most venomous substance on earth, putting Scorpion Venom to shame. So is an absolute bargain in that respect.

The price of Our Might per pint is nowhere near a pint of Chanel No.5. When sprayed on the body, it is also nowhere near as effective in attracting a mate when on the pull in La Bambas on Saturday night. However, some people believe it is most venomous substance on earth, putting Scorpion Venom to shame. So is an absolute bargain in that respect.

Believing in spreading the love, we have decided to crack open and offer free samples of this overpriced jar on toast at the Newport Food Festival this Saturday 6th October

Get your taste, meet the team and find out more about our residency at the Newport Rising Festival at the RISE Chartist Workshop, in the Gallery Space upstairs in Newport Market 10am - 4pm.

RISE on tour - Spread Love on Holiday

Stick, snap, tag and win art.  #riseontour

Over the last two years, people have sent us pictures of RISE stickers from all over the world. The locations vary - some from perfectly framed images in idyllic settings such as Bali, America, India, Japan and Australia. Some less exotic, like the guy who sent us a pic of the RISE Ourmight jar sticker slapped on the side of a broken condom machine in Benidorm (see below).

It has become an unofficial sport amongst RISE followers, spreading the love and rebelling on holiday.

Let’s make it official. Welcome to #riseontour game. 

From 6th August 23:59 until 21st 23:59 September 2018, we are inviting people to post their holiday snaps with RISE stickers and the hashtag #riseontour. The best ones will be chosen by the RISE and a public vote taken between 23rd - 30th September 2018. 

The eventual winner with the most votes will have bragging rights of #riseontour champ. They'll also have a one of a kind custom made RISE trophy and their choice of an art print or T shirt (worth £25). There will also be runner up prizes of other RISE supplies.



To take part, all you need are stickers, you can get these from:

Then simply:


Take a picture

Tag us in it with #riseontour on instagram or Facebook

You are the artist. No limit to the number of entries. The more creative the photo, the better! Let the games begin!


Record Store Day Review

RISE Propaganda music editor, Gavin Facey, sums up the triumph of sound that was Newport Record Store Day 2018 in the Gallery Space.

photo courtesy of  Nick Fowler Photography   

photo courtesy of Nick Fowler Photography 

Record Store Day is fast becoming a highly anticipated date in the Newport events calendar and 2018 saw the City revel in the celebration bigger and better than ever. Funded by Newport Now and curated by Diverse Vinyl, no less than six venues hosted live music and spoken word in Newport’s burgeoning independent quarter. The newest of these venues, The Gallery Space, located upstairs of Newport market, showcased seven of South Wales finest artists, five of which appear on the limited edition record ‘Spread Love – Volume 1’ assembled by The Gallery Space and RISE Propaganda.

Shimai -  photo courtesy of  Nick Fowler Photography  

Shimai - photo courtesy of Nick Fowler Photography 

SHIMAI opened proceedings, their warm melodies a perfect accompaniment to the late afternoon sun, shining through the spectacular glass ceiling. Mid-April maybe, but this felt like a convincing prelude to the festival season that will hit the UK in the summer months; a taster of things to follow. Fans were already refreshing themselves with the help of craft beer and cider, courtesy of Baa Brewing and Uplands Cyder. They also got a first taste of the record as the girls brought their set to a close with Live it – a fitting end to a bright and uplifting start.

Joe Kelly -   photo courtesy of  Nick Fowler Photography  

Joe Kelly -  photo courtesy of Nick Fowler Photography 

Second up was NP19’s Joe Kelly. Short of his superb backing band The Royal Pharmacy, but armed with his acoustic guitar, harmonica and expressive vocals, Joe put on his now customary compelling performance. For anguish, see Joe, for elation, see Joe, for tales of the beginning and the end and everything in-between, see Joe. Joe is currently recording his debut album with his band and judging by the strength of songs showcased, it’s going to be a belter.

Boy Azooga -   photo courtesy of  Nick Fowler Photography  

Boy Azooga -  photo courtesy of Nick Fowler Photography 

Quiet and unassuming away from the stage, you’d be forgiven for not knowing Boy Azooga frontman Davey Newington is one of the hottest new stars on the British music scene. Garnering nationwide attention and regular airplay on both Radio 1 and 6 Music, his confidence when centre of attention is clear and the crowd enthusiastically feed on it. Newport looks forward to welcoming him back with his full band in Le Pub this June.

The Bug Club -  photo courtesy of  Nick Fowler Photography  

The Bug Club - photo courtesy of Nick Fowler Photography 

Following such a star can’t be easy, unless you’re Caldicot’s Bug Club, who took full advantage of the increased crowd and buzzing atmosphere. They also drew one of the biggest roars of the day as guitarist Sam ripped through the guitar solo of the Woodstock sized Bill O’Wright – a more than apt closer to both a captivating set and side one of Spread Love.

Apple Tree Theory -  photo courtesy of  Nick Fowler Photography   

Apple Tree Theory - photo courtesy of Nick Fowler Photography 

Once in full flow, who better to turn to than Apple Tree Theory! A band that never fails to instantly puts a smile on your face, they enjoyed the stage as always and the crowd loved every minute of them. They encouraged an exciting atmosphere and the audience couldn’t help but move to their set. Always popular with a Newport crowd they never disappoint and once again lived up to their reputation.

Jack Perrett -  photo courtesy of  Nick Fowler Photography   

Jack Perrett - photo courtesy of Nick Fowler Photography 

The night’s penultimate act was Jack Perrett, who at 24 is already a stalwart of the Newport music scene. No-one lives and breathes Newport more than Jack, Rhys and Morgan and their loyal and growing following are treated to a high-octane set including latest single Nothing for Anyone, the yet unreleased Fever and their rendition of Blur classic Parklife (aptly re-titled Portlife), a timely ode to the city they love and champion so passionately.

Keys -  photo courtesy of  Nick Fowler Photography   

Keys - photo courtesy of Nick Fowler Photography 

Headliners Keys need no introduction, having been a permanent fixture on the circuit for nearly 20 years. They blitzed through a rip-roaring set, taking the crowd on a 45 minute tour of their back catalogue, culminating with fan favourite Fire Inside. Davey made his second appearance of the evening as he took to the drums with his Cardiff counterparts.

Burnice -   photo courtesy of  Nick Fowler Photography   

Burnice - photo courtesy of Nick Fowler Photography 

The night was indisputably a success, enjoyed in equal amounts by fans and artists alike, all of whom stayed to watch their fellow performers. Jack ecstatically declared:

“There is a music scene in Newport!”

He’s not wrong, there is definitely something brewing in the City and it needs to be seized upon, this has to be the start rather than the climax.

There is a plethora of talent in Newport and the surrounding suburbs, yet only a fraction was on display here at the Galley Space; it is imperative a platform is given for both current and future artists to display their talents. Spread love and spread the word, Newport is on the rise.



RISE Propaganda

Find out how to get your limited edition copy, plus a special surprise...


The vinyl contains tracks from:

  1. Jack Perrett
  2. Shimai
  3. Death Traps
  4. Dellux
  5. The Bug Club
  6. Apple Tree Theory
  7. Joe Kelly and the Royal Pharmacy
  8. Pizza Tramp
  9. Rico Suave
  10. Fader
  11. Tobias Robertson

as well as a RISE sticker and secret code. Limited to 200 copies.

We are also pleased to announce a special collectors edition of the record.


This edition includes the vinyl album plus a special wooden case surrounding the record with a handsprayed RISE cover. It is limited to only 20 copies.

The record will be available at the Gallery Space in Newport Market from 5:15pm priced at £20 (Diverse Vinyl has six copies of the record in its store)

A record, a RISE uniform, 10 stickers will be at a special Record Store day price of £40

The numbered collectors edition will also be available at the Gallery Space priced at £60 (due to limited availability this will be limited to one per person)

Other RISE art will be available for purchase on the day.

Please get there early to avoid disappointment, we are expecting queues on the day.

We are looking forward to an amazing day of local music. See you there!