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£201 raised for charity at the worst stall in Newport Food Festival history

RISE Propaganda raised £201 pounds for Newport Food Bank as ‘Dubious Jakes Jar Shack’ became the most popular zero rated stall in Newport Food Festival history. 


We decided to put the ‘Unfair in Funfair’ and offer punters a chance to get the ‘Ball in the jar to win a ca!’ Only £3 for 3 balls. Sound too good to be true? That’s because it was.

Here’s a what a typical customer could expect:

Meanwhile, the Sandwich Bored (sic) staff were outside advertising this incredible unfair event. Their dull monotone voices could be heard saying: “Play stupid games, get stupid prizes”.


They might have had the enthusiasm of a bored teenager at a 5 hour long lecture on the physics of paint drying, but they weren’t wrong. Here’s the consolation prize people received when they played (lost) the game:


RISE Propaganda art was also on sale at the dubious store.


Including limited editions of ‘Our Might’ Jars.


A big thank you to all the ‘Cherubs’ that helped make the event a success. From those running the shop, the sandwich board boys, behind the scenes support and the ones making midnight jar raids on their neighbours recycling bins by torch light (you know who you are). Last but not least, a big thank you to Tiny Rebel and their staff for trusting us to put up a disreputable rebellious jar shop from an anonymous artist in their premises with little prior information. 

Oh and I bet you are wondering about the grand prize of the brand new car? 


We’ll roll it over to next year. 


Zero rated stall at Newport Food Festival

This Saturday, 7th October RISE Propaganda will be opening a stall at the Newport Food Festival like no other - and it comes with a rating of 0 out of 5.

Game fairness rating small.jpg

For one day only, between 11 - 2pm, Dubious Jakes Jar Shack will be open inside Tiny Rebel Newport on 22 High Street to give the public a chance to win a car if they can get the ball in the jar in a twist on the classic funfair game.

jar shack 2.jpg

Promising to put the ‘unfair in funfair’, Dubious Jakes will charge £3 for 3 attempts. Should, for any reason the punter not get the ball inside the jar they get a special commemorative consolation prize of an authentic jar of Newport Air (while stocks last).


All profits raised from the game will go to the Newport Food Bank so the less fortunate can survive on more than just air.


As well as the game there will an opportunity for members of the public to purchase special limited edition newport marmite jars and other RISE Propaganda art.


More updates on the event see   www.facebook.com/risepropagandaart