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Taking back the Westgate 180 years on...

Newport's Westgate Hotel is set to re-open its doors for the launch of a Chartist-inspired graphic novel 'Newport Rising', written and illustrated by local artist Josh Cranton in collaboration with RISE Propaganda and commissioned by Our Chartist Heritage, the charity behind the Newport Rising Festival.

comic preview

The new owners of the Westgate have agreed to work in partnership with Our Chartist Heritage, to celebrate the unique history of the building and are supported by a strong public sentiment to see the Westgate’s doors open again. The launch of the graphic novel ‘Newport Rising’ will take place on 12 July 2019, after which new uses for the building will be actively explored, including public exhibitions and a heritage information centre.

Built on the site of an earlier hotel of the same name, the Westgate Hotel took centre stage in the 1839 Newport Rising when thousands of Chartists from the Gwent Valleys marched on Newport in an abortive attempt to free political prisoners as part of a national movement to win the vote for the working man. Twenty-two Chartists were shot dead by the authorities outside the Westgate; this is the story that inspired Josh Cranton’s graphic novel ‘Newport Rising’.

Unoccupied since the early 2000s, ownership of the hotel has changed hands numerous times. Some areas of the building have suffered unsympathetic refurbishments over the years and other areas have been severely damaged by the elements. Despite extensive repair work to the roof and structure of the building, its stunning ballroom and architecture remains at risk and in need of further restoration. Further work is required to safeguard the building for the future, which will include exploring and developing viable and sustainable uses for the hotel. Our Chartist Heritage and the owners hope to work together to achieve this, with assistance from Newport City Council.

Project Development Officer for OCH David Daniel said:

"We're absolutely thrilled to be able to host this launch event at the Westgate Hotel, at the site of the dramatic historical events that are central to the Chartists’ cause and the character of Newport today. The impact of the sacrifices made by the Chartists was ultimately felt all over the world and remains in the hearts and minds of Newport's citizens. We are incredibly thankful to the owner for his support and vision in forging this partnership so that we can work together, in the spirit of the Chartists, to bring about this positive change."

The launch of the ‘Newport Rising’ graphic novel will see the doors of the Westgate Hotel open again for the first time in well over a decade, and members of the public will be able to pledge their support for this venture by coming to the Westgate Hotel from the 12th - 20th July , when Chartist artwork, both modern and contemporary, as well as the newly published graphic novel will be available to view and purchase.

The Art of Rebellion

Learn the dark art of street art for free at our workshop (limited spaces)


My fellow Newportonians! I'm pleased to announce that RISE Propaganda is the official artist in residence for the Newport Rising Festival.

Amazingly, we have managed to blag a workshop space, a small budget and a derelict building. Jackpot! Not ones to look a gift horse in the mouth, we intend to use these three things to good effect.

We are inviting you to join us in creating art that embodies the spirit of the festival and Chartists by 'inspiring change through working together'.

On the 13th October 10:00 - 12:30 (SOLDOUT) and 13:30 - 16:00, we are holding a workshop in The Gallery Space, where you are able to learn the dark arts of stencil and banner making. All materials are provided and it's completely free of charge. You must be 14 years or over to take part.

You will use the stencils you make on the day to spray your design on our derelict building as part of a big festival art piece. (held at a secret location on the 27th October).

Banners made on the day can be used in the epic Chartist Festival march reenactment (Held on 3rd November, details on www.newportrising.co.uk).

Only 20 spaces are available given on a fist come first served basis. To secure your place head to the RISE Propaganda Store https://www.risepropaganda.com/new-products/ add the Art of Rebellion Workshop to your basket and checkout (No purchase is necessary!)

The £16.20 piece of toast at Newport Food Festival

The toast is not special - it’s what we put on it…


Last year RISE Propaganda set up the worst stall in Newport Food Festival history. Installed in Tiny Rebel Newport for the day, it sold art and jars of Newport Air raising £201 for Newport Foodbank.

However, the big surprise was not the fact that people were willing to part with their hard earned cash for a jar of the very air around them, but a certain jar of Marmite.

Selling at a mere £5 on the stall, the popular 150 unit limited edition 250g jar of Newport Marmite- ‘Our Might’ sold out on the day.

Fast forward 6 months, one of the aforementioned Our Might jars managed to find its way onto Ebay. What happened next was crazy.

After a slow start, bidding for the rare, sold out jar soared. £20, £40, £80, £120 before finally settling on the eye watering total of £162.00 (plus £3.95 P+P).

That’s x32.4 the initial price! If you had put your money on bitcoin during that period you would have only doubled it.

To help put this in perspective, we have shamelessly stolen and altered an infographic from our friends at Tiny Rebel:

ANALYSIS: The price of Our Might per pint is nowhere near a pint of Chanel No.5. When sprayed on the body, it is also nowhere near as effective in attracting a mate when on the pull in La Bambas on Saturday night. However, some people believe it is most venomous substance on earth, putting Scorpion Venom to shame. So is an absolute bargain in that respect.

The price of Our Might per pint is nowhere near a pint of Chanel No.5. When sprayed on the body, it is also nowhere near as effective in attracting a mate when on the pull in La Bambas on Saturday night. However, some people believe it is most venomous substance on earth, putting Scorpion Venom to shame. So is an absolute bargain in that respect.

Believing in spreading the love, we have decided to crack open and offer free samples of this overpriced jar on toast at the Newport Food Festival this Saturday 6th October

Get your taste, meet the team and find out more about our residency at the Newport Rising Festival at the RISE Chartist Workshop, in the Gallery Space upstairs in Newport Market 10am - 4pm.

The Newport Wedding

February 14th 2018 - the day of the the most important wedding this year.

On the surface you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise. A service 11 minutes long at Stow Park Circle registry office, with almost as many journalists attending as members of the wedding party.  Blink and you’d have missed it.

But that day was truly special - one of a kind. A rallying of the community from all parts of Newport and beyond, to celebrate the love between two souls - who they’d never even met.

Contributions for the wedding included the manager of Newport County,  the co-founder of Tiny Rebel, the owners of Secret Garden Cafe, the Escape Rooms Newport, BEWT studios in Cardiff, an incredible seamstress/born again baker from Langstone and an individual known to the world as ‘Bongo Peet’ (who ironically played the ukulele on the day).  

However, what made that day even more special is that it shouldn’t have happened.

The bride, Margaret, suffered from acrophobia (fear of open spaces) and struggled to leave the family home.  The idea of a wedding seemed like a mountain too difficult to climb.

One day, her supportive fiancé and now husband Carl, suggested taking up the RISE Black Uniform challenge. It involves putting up 50 RISE stickers around your environment to earn a money can’t buy Black Uniform.    

“I thought the idea of spreading art that holds a message of love around the area I lived was a beautiful idea.”  Says Margaret.

 “RISE pushed me to venture out on my own to spread the word.”

Day by day, Margaret and Carl ventured further into their community and within a few weeks she had earned herself the converted Black Uniform. More importantly, she made significant steps to overcome her fear.   

“My black uniform reminds me that I’ve overcome that part that was holding me back”. 

Her confidence growing, Margaret felt the time was right for the wedding.

As a tribute the couple decided to wear their Black Uniforms on the day, something that we at RISE are still honoured and blown away by.

The tight knit RISE community (Dead Cherubs), acted accordingly and offers to help out on the day came flooding in. People who have never met the couple were offering their services for free to make the day special. It was something amazing to behold.

Thank you to all that helped make the day special. It was more than just a wedding. It’s a true story of overcoming fear, spreading love and rising beyond rebellion.

To Mr. and Mrs. Smith....

RISE goods seized by Torture Corp.

Fellow rebels, we intercepted this broadcast this morning:

Sadly we can confirm that Torture Corp.  seized our uniforms in a dawn raid.

Fear not - plans are already in place to rescue the items so we can distribute to the people in time for Christmas. 

In the meantime, the only way to get hold of the new uniform and other goods is to attend The Escape Rooms Newport on Saturday 25th November between 9:00am - 12:00pm Newport as part of the Art on the Hill exhibition.

Spread Love. Break Hate.

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