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Incredible value!

Giving our community a good deal.

*i.e. until the end of time.

*i.e. until the end of time.

We believe our community should RISE with us. That’s why, from the start, RISE Propaganda has pledged to give 5% of the total value of its profits to local charities. We have currently given more than that, with over £1500 to good causes. Here’s a list of donations so far:

£300 raised - Shelter Cymru and All Creatures Great and Small - December 2016 (Nirport event) - Secret Garden Cafe (Partners)

£50 raised- Togs Centre New Inn - February 2017 - Dragon Flli (Partners)

£85 raised - Bridge for Social Inclusion/GOL Cymru - June 2017 - Coleg Gwent (Partners)

£50 raised - Riot City Ravens - June 2017 - Riot City Ravens (Partners)

£222 raised - Newport Food Bank - October/December 2017 - Tiny Rebel and Newport Market (Partners)

£800 raised - Newport’s Rocky statue and legacy fund - June 2018 - Newport’s Rocky (Partners)

Current total : £1507

This winter the RISE community have decided to donate to Shelter Cymru. This means that when you buy from the RISE website/workshop this Christmas, not only will you be supporting your local movement but also helping the homeless in our streets at this difficult time of year.

Thank you for making a difference. Together we RISE.