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The Legend of Nirport

That time Kurt proposed to Courtney in Newport…

RISE Propaganda first captured the attention of the public with the Nirport event on the 10th December 2016. 5 days of art pieces to celebrate the myth of Kurt Cobain visiting Newport to propose to Courtney Love at our beloved TJ’s music venue 25 years earlier.

In those 5 days:

Prints were pinned to the front of TJ’s…

2016-12-12 08.21.14.jpg

locks placed on the Millennium bridge in the city…

2017-03-02 23.26.15.jpeg

Adverts placed in the local paper…

2017-03-02 23.26.54.jpeg

road signs modified…

Screenshot 2018-12-03 at 10.54.13.png

and money raised for the homeless from sales of the print.

Skip to the present day, and we are releasing the remainder of the limited edition prints along with a new uniform:

Both print and uniform are available for pre-order now (released on the 10th December) on the store and as always, with any RISE Propaganda supplies, 5% of the total supplies of our profits go to charity. This winter, we are giving to the homeless charity Shelter Cymru.