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Guest Post: Like a Fever reviewed

RISE Music editor, Gavin Facey, gives his opinion on the latest release from the Newport indie rocker.


Jack Perrett is back with a new single that picks you up, chucks you about and in a little over two and a half minutes leaves you feeling more than a bit dazed…and wanting to hit repeat.

First showcased live in April, the frenetic Like a Fever is Jack’s first release since popular Blur parody Portlife and is a shift in direction that pays off, as he delivers his most exciting and catchy release yet.

Unlike much of his Britpop influenced material, Like a Fever is pure garage rock revival (think less 1994 and more 2004), as he couples blistering riffs with driving power chords. Meanwhile, on drums, Morgan is more thunderous and influential than he has ever sounded on a Jack Perrett tune.

Already played on BBC Radio Wales by Janice Long and Adam Walton amongst others, Like a Fever is perfectly suited for both radio and a baying audience and has quickly become a favourite at Jack’s live shows. Don’t be surprised to hear it being blasted at 1am on your local Red Stripe drenched indie club dance floor.

Like a Fever is officially released on 7th December via CD and digital download and will be accompanied by a video, directed by Focus Shift Films. In the meantime, you can already listen to the track on Spotify or Soundcloud.


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Track 1 - Jack Perrett

Introducing Newport's Indie Trobadour from NP19....


Accompanied by his band, Jack has performed cities all over the UK including London, Cardiff, and Manchester alongside bands such as Judas, Vida and The Sherlocks. Performing at festivals such as Beano on the sea in Hastings, which involved iconic Britpop bands Cast, Reef and Echobelly. With the backing of promoters This Feeling, Jack is looking to go on a UK tour to kick start off what will be a very exciting 2018.

Listen more here: http://jackperrettmusic.co.uk

Jack has contributed a track to the RISE Propaganda curated vinyl record, released on 21st April 2018.

"Spread Love : Volume 1" is limited to 200 copies, with 20 ultra limited edition deluxe hand sprayed editions of the album available on the day.