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RISE on tour - Spread Love on Holiday

Stick, snap, tag and win art.  #riseontour

Over the last two years, people have sent us pictures of RISE stickers from all over the world. The locations vary - some from perfectly framed images in idyllic settings such as Bali, America, India, Japan and Australia. Some less exotic, like the guy who sent us a pic of the RISE Ourmight jar sticker slapped on the side of a broken condom machine in Benidorm (see below).

It has become an unofficial sport amongst RISE followers, spreading the love and rebelling on holiday.

Let’s make it official. Welcome to #riseontour game. 

From 6th August 23:59 until 21st 23:59 September 2018, we are inviting people to post their holiday snaps with RISE stickers and the hashtag #riseontour. The best ones will be chosen by the RISE and a public vote taken between 23rd - 30th September 2018. 

The eventual winner with the most votes will have bragging rights of #riseontour champ. They'll also have a one of a kind custom made RISE trophy and their choice of an art print or T shirt (worth £25). There will also be runner up prizes of other RISE supplies.



To take part, all you need are stickers, you can get these from:

Then simply:


Take a picture

Tag us in it with #riseontour on instagram or Facebook

You are the artist. No limit to the number of entries. The more creative the photo, the better! Let the games begin!