RISE Propaganda


Track 3 - Deathtraps

Raw rock ‘n’ roll from NP11 courtesy of the Von Trapp boys...


So just how do you like your rock ‘n’ roll? New? Edgy? Raw? Maybe a hint of the Stooges? Just a smidgen of the MC5? Welcome to the Deathtraps!

These guys might be actual maniacs. Most of their songs are about killing people and they sound fairly committed to the concept. But all the gore and guns and bloody spittle is wrapped around tight, buzzy, high-velocity junk-rock that sounds sorta like the scariest dudes in town jamming on Chuck Berry tunes, so f**k it, let the murder and mayhem ensue.

Listen more here: https://www.facebook.com/deathtrapsband/

You can catch them live at Slipping Jimmy's Bar and Grill on Record Store Day.

The Death Traps have contributed a track to the RISE Propaganda curated vinyl record, released on 21st April 2018.

"Spread Love : Volume 1" is limited to 200 copies, with 20 ultra limited edition deluxe hand sprayed editions of the album available on the day

RISE Propaganda