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Elliot 'Dell' Brussalis

Every Sunday we put the spotlight on a local Newport artist who we think is doing some awesome work. Without further ado..


This guy is the backbone of one of the most important bands in the UK at the moment.

You probably haven't heard of him, seen him or know him. Even fans of the band probably can't identify him in a crowd. However he is creating sounds that are changing the landscape of music. 

He has taken petrol and a torch to the phase 'It is better to be seen than heard'.

He is Elliot 'Dell' Brussalis or 'Dellux', is a producer from St. Julians, Newport currently in the Astroid Boys. 

With their mix of punk, metal, hip hop and grime, they are creating a voice for a generation.

Their exciting live shows have won fans across the country and have recently become the focus of the BBC documentary 'Generation Grime' 

Check out their latest track below:

Astroid Boys - Cheque (Official Video) - New album BROKE released September 29th 2017.

So keep pulling those sweet sonic strings Dellux! Newport is backing you and looking forward to the debut.

Album 'BROKE' is released on 29th September.