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Greyed Out

Today we are hand the reigns of the website to long time cherub Curtis Jones who explains his love of street art and his campaign to get a legal graffiti wall in the ‘Port:

“Greyed Out is an autobiographical film about my relationship with two motorway tunnels in Newport and how they inspired me because of the graffiti art that appeared on them.

”I think it would be great if Newport had a place for people to paint graffiti art legally, just like Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea and many others. I'm in contact with some others that want to make this happen and we're in the early stages of planning.

“Anything that gets people out creating and getting inspired is awesome – especially in these turbulent political times.

 “If you have any thoughts on a legal wall (positive or negative) – feel free to send me a message on Instagram (www.instagram.com/curtjones_)

Thanks to RISE for allowing me to share my documentary on their website."

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