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Warning: Counterfeit RISE goods

We have been sent some disturbing images of a factory that has been producing counterfeit RISE Propaganda items.


The anonymous source said the counterfeiters are thought to be operating in the Rogerstone area of Newport.


RISE Propaganda has issued this official statement:

 “We are flattered that someone would want to spend their time copying and producing RISE Propaganda items. We are all about spreading the love and encouraging people to go beyond rebellion.

 “However we are deeply saddened by the actions of this one individual.

“For a start, the standard of the items produced is of higher quality than ours. It’s really showing us up.

“This is probably due the precision of tools used. I mean, those scissors are actually sharp, and there is no way we could afford such a quality ironing board.”  

“Remember. Stay vigilant. Shop local - but not too local.” 

If you wish to make sure your goods are official always shop at www.risepropaganda.com or at The Escape Rooms in Newport or a RISE event coming soon...

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